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At AW, we’re expecting 2021 to be a great year for business. Well, it certainly can’t be worse than 2020 even after a slow reopening! As businesses grow, they may evolve from small, one-man teams to businesses with multiple arms and larger teams. This transition makes a co-working space like ours a great and flexible place to set up.

A great example of this growth is Sam Keisner, founder of Number Nomads. Number Nomads is a bespoke business advisory company, helping businesses source finance, grow and achieve their goals. Sam has been at AW since its opening and has grown…

As professional life begins to return to normality, two distinct camps of opinion seem to be emerging.

On one hand are those who have seen the benefits,convenience and efficiency of the rise in remote working over the pandemic and are suggesting that, perhaps, the physical office is quickly becoming a relic of the past. Recently, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, claimed boldly that his entire workforce could, in theory, work from home.

However, equally, on the other hand, there is a large camp who have coped with remote working but miss the productive, creative and social environment of an office. Younger…

As we at AW are seeing first-hand, the business of renting out office space is changing drastically. COVID-19, the rise of technology and a general change in working models are beginning to spell the end for fixed,long-term leases. Therefore, the need for landlords to adapt to more flexible income models is becoming greater than ever.

Major companies such as Google and Twitter have already touted the idea of maintaining working from home, either to a full or partial extent, for the foreseeable future. This leaves landlords in a potentially precarious scenario. …

When you think of a co-working space, what comes to mind? Bustling? Noisy? Aggressive? On the surface, the idea of an open-plan co-working space, hosting a multitude of individuals and companies can appear overwhelming at the very least. However, a modern, productive and welcoming co-working space is more than simply an extrovert’s paradise.

As a co-working space ourselves, we know that, at the coalface, the reality is rather different. Every healthy office plays host to a variety of different personalities, introverts, extroverts, as well as the very many of us who lie somewhere in between. However, not all office spaces…

AW Offices

AW Offices is home to some of the most creative, exciting & forward thinking companies in the UK. We bring work to life.

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